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WELCOME TO THE LAW OFFICES OF STEPHEN I. SILBERFEIN, P.C., a matrimonial law firm located in Midtown Manhattan, New York.

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With over 40 years of family law experience, Stephen I. Silberfein is an accomplished matrimonial litigator who can provide superior representation for your divorce, separation, pre-marital planning, child support, child custody and visitation, and other family law issues.

When you are going through divorce, it may seem as if your life is out of control. Yet at this confusing and often highly emotional time, you need to have the confidence, security, and knowledge to make crucial decisions about your future. You want to feel as protected as possible, and know that your divorce will be resolved in a fair and efficient manner. The Manhattan family law attorneys at the Law Offices of Stephen I. Silberfein, P.C. will deliver on all counts.

Stephen I. Silberfein and his associate, Courtney S. Lewis, are constantly keeping up with new developments in the law in order to stay abreast of emerging trends. This is critical to providing the highest quality representation. New York family law is often subjective and courts attempt to do what they think is right. As well as keeping up with the law, it is important to stay current with each judge’s decisions, because their positions may affect the outcome of your case. Family law is an area where we help people get through a difficult passage of life. How a family law firm handles the divorce can truly affect, if not dictate, the level of financial, emotional, and personal happiness that clients enjoy for the rest of their lives. The divorce process doesn’t need to be rough. If you resolve a case amicably when children are involved, the damage to the children – and to the co-parenting relationship – will be less.

We provide the highest quality of representation at a reasonable cost.

We are straightforward, honest, and empathetic lawyers who know how to minimize stress to make clients feel relaxed and confident. We save you time and money while protecting your interests.

We will ensure that you fully understand and anticipate each step of the process, keep you fully informed of your case’s development, empower you to make good choices, and do our best to keep your costs down.

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