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How to Get a Divorce
A Step-by-step Layman's Guide

A Solid Relationship
How to Work with Your Lawyer to Achieve the Best Possible Outcome

Love and the Dotted Line
It may not be the most romantic part of your blooming relationship, but a prenuptial agreement can protect your financial future if that bloom fades. Whether you're Donald and Ivana or John and Jane, here's what you need to know before walking down the aisle.

Divorce Ceremonies
A divorce ceremony can help you heal your heart, forgive past hurts, and free you to move powerfully into a new future.

Part-time Parenting
The challeges and opportunities of part-time parenting.

Surviving Financially After Divorce
How to prepare yourself to deal with the financial realities of divorce.

What You Should Know About QDROs
A Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) is a legal document that directs the administrator of a pension plan to give a certain amount of an employee's pension to his/her non-employee ex-spouse after the divorce is final. Here are the top four mistakes people make when it comes to QDROs.

When Your Ex Won't Pay
We've all read the dismal stories about non-custodial parents and ex-spouses who are defaulting on their child-support payments. But has anyone thought to ask why these people aren't paying?

Parenting Pitfalls
Here are some of the most common warning signs that you need help before your children become casualties of your divorce.

Child's Play
How, what, and when to tell the kids about your divorce.

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